I started my career in ice cream 8 years ago in the 2015, and when i have open my Small Shop in the 2020 i have decide work with my pilosophy, immediately had the idea of not using the industry and of producing everything I could, from dried fruit pastes to my bean to bar chocolate, selecting directly farmers and plantations, having a direct relationship with those who work the land, so as to be able to enhance the work of each person, without intermediaries!

I always say: less is more, that is, in my micro ice cream shop you will find very few flavors, all seasonal, created every morning, an ice cream free of emulsifiers, thickeners and preservatives, every day at 5 in the morning I get up to make it fresh, a few kilos every day and when a flavor runs out it is not repeated the same day, I don't have any type of storage and I'm really small, the shop measures only 27 m2, here you can find excellence and research in every handmade and refined process to maximize the true flavor of every ingredient!

Not only Gelato

But also Craft


The love for real chocolate began 10 years ago now, true because I really start from the selection of the farmer and the plantation, which must respect very strict standards, I carry out every phase in my laboratory, from cleaning and manual selection, to roasting which seeks the maximum expression of the cocoa bean which can recall red fruits, or even yellow ones like bananas, each cocoa bean has a different flavour, after which the peel is separated from the inside, the peel is used for infusions and also for my personal garden, the cocoa beans are refined in a stone machine for 72 hours by adding only cane sugar or white beet sugar, after which it is vacuum-packed for at least four months to allow all the natural aromas of the beans to mature of cocoa and after which it is used to create my chocolate sorbet in the ice cream shop or in the months that allow it I manually produce every single bean to bar bar

Every bite awakens new emotions and flavours, a limited edition chocolate in every bar

and preparation as only a true craftsman can create

awards obtained

-🏆48° Best Gelato Chef in the World

-🦐🍦🍦 Due Coni Gambero rosso 2023 e 2024

-🥇 Gelatiere emergente d'italia 2023 per Gambero Rosso

-🥇 Semifinale Italiana Gelato World Master 2023 ( Favo e Fiori )

-🥈 Secondo Posto 23-24 Sherbeth Festival ( Wild Almond )

-🏆 Menzione cura dei dettagli Sherbeth Festival 23-24 ( Wild Almond )

-🥉 Terzo posto 2022 MIG "Coppa d'oro Under 35 " ( Gelato alla Malaga )

-🏆 Premio Innovazione Sherbeth Festival 22-23 ( Favo e Fiori )

On the guides

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Il Gambero rosso: due coni e miglior gelatiere emergente d’italia 2023


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Every week I create new flavours, my inspiration comes from nature and its seasons, I go to the mountains to collect my ingredients to be able to bring them back into my ice cream through infusions that can last up to 72 hours and extractions with fermentations, a unique ice cream that every day lives a new life.

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